Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rhode Island Aerial Photography

Helicopter Shoot 1Helicopter Shoot 2Helicopter Shoot 3Helicopter Shoot 4Helicopter Shoot 5Helicopter Shoot 6
Helicopter Shoot 7Helicopter Shoot 8Helicopter Shoot 9Helicopter Shoot 10Helicopter Shoot 11Helicopter Shoot 12
Helicopter Shoot 13Helicopter Shoot 14Helicopter Shoot 15Helicopter Shoot 16Helicopter Shoot 17Helicopter Shoot 18
Helicopter Shoot 19Helicopter Shoot 20Helicopter Shoot 21Helicopter Shoot 22Helicopter Shoot 23Helicopter Shoot 24

I haven't been updating my blog recently. I am choosing to blame this on my recent business managing the new Rhode Island Branch of PlanOmatic. I have since moved on to working as a jack-of-all-trades for PlanOmatic in the North East. So I am in need of a short retrospective.

I will be posting some of my favorite houses from my time working in Rhode Island.

To begin with: some aerial photos I was lucky enough to shoot with Bob Bailey of Lila Delman Real Estate

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